Summer news bulletin!

We hope you’re all enjoying the fine weather, maybe you’re refereeing a bit of touch rugby or 7s, but we hope you’re all keeping fit over the off-season too (See below for why this might be a good idea!). Rugby ‘admin’ continues over the summer of course, so here are a few useful things to help you start your preparation for the next season. Please read right to the end, there’s a lot of important info in this bulletin!

Pre season: fitness

The RFU has published its guidance on target times for the Bronco* test for various Grade levels, which equate to the following target times.

Level 5 and above: Male <5.15 / Female <5.45 ( + 15 seconds for ARs)

Level 6: Male <6.15 / Female <6.30

Levels 7+: Male and Female <7.00

The Society plans to hold a fitness test day at some point later in the summer so that we have a good idea of the fitness levels of most of our referees at the start of the season.

*The Bronco test consists of 5 return shuttle runs of 20m each way followed by 40m followed by 60m; the total distance run is therefore 1200m.

Reminder 1

The Global Law Trials that were in place for the 2021-22 season have now all been written into the Laws permanently. These were: Goal Line Dropout, 50:22 law, One-player latch, Flying Wedge, ban on lower-limb clear-outs at the Ruck. Full details on the World Rugby website here.

There are two new Global Law trials for season 2022-23: the Scrum Brake Foot, and restrictions on water-carriers /medics entering the field of play (less applicable to the community game). More information can be found here

Reminder 2

Fixture lists have already been published for the new season, and it won’t be long before the appointments team begin appointing referees for the first few weeks of September. Please ensure that you keep your availability on Who’s The Ref right up to date to assist the team in their task: where possibly you should generally ensure that your availability is up to date for up to 4 weeks ahead.

Money Matters 1

A reminder that for summer events (tournaments, 7s, touch rugby, pre-season up to and including 31 August) the Society does NOT pay travel expenses via Who’s The Ref: these should be negotiated with the host organisation who should pay you directly.

Money Matters 2

As of 1st July, Membership fees of £25 per person were due for the coming year. Please ensure you pay these as promptly as possible. You are only exempt from membership fees if you are still in full time education, or if you joined the Society after 1 August 2021. If you are unsure whether this applies to you please contact Ian Moreton our treasurer

Development Squad 2022-23

Applications are now open to join the Development Squad for the 2022-23 season and will close on 30th July 2022

The DS is there to help you improve your refereeing skills and to try to make you the best referee possible. As a member of the DS we would find a coach that you could work with, develop your skills and fitness, and put the processes in place to enable you to implement what has been discussed at our regular meetings (approx every 6 weeks).  As part of the DS you would be given regular games at the level required both with the North Mids area and on exchange.

We will show and discuss referee performances in an open environment. This will almost certainly include videos taken by the Society of your matches, so you must be prepared to accept constructive comments about YOUR performance!

We welcome all referees at whatever level and stage of their career: to apply please email Neil Reid-Warrilow with a short letter as to why you think you may be suitable for the DS, briefly outlining your experience to date, your ambitions, your strengths as a referee and your weaknesses.

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