How to get games

Most YMO games take place on a Sunday morning.  Our Sunday Appointments Secretary Paul Scott takes you through the process of being allocated a game

Simply log in to the WHOSTHEREF (WTR) website and on your personal ‘Contact Availability’ calendar change the red cross to a green tick, or select AM/PM, depending on when you are available.  From this I can see that you want a game and I can then try to find a local game for you that is a suitable age group and level for your current experience or grade. Once you have been allocated to a game, you will get an email from WTR asking you to ACCEPT or DECLINE the fixture. When you have accepted your appointment, WTR will automatically send an email to the home club inviting them to make contact with you to confirm arrangements (it is important that your contact information on WTR is accurate and that you ensure WTR emails don’t disappear in to your junk mail box!).

Simply getting an email/text/voicemail from the club is NOT confirmation, you must respond to the club (in effect confirming the confirmation!)

The club will confirm location, kick-off time, changing facilities etc and this is also your opportunity to ask questions, i.e. what colours will both sides be wearing.

If you do not hear from a club by 48 hours before kick off time after having ‘accepted’ a game on WTR, you must contact me for further advice! Never turn up without confirmation from a named person at the club! After that, just turn up and enjoy yourself!

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