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RFU Community update

Overall, we are constantly working with Government to return to rugby but as a reminder that we are still at Stage D on the Roadmap Resumption of England Rugby Training Courses We intend to resume England Rugby Training courses from November. Coaches and referees… Continue Reading “RFU Community update”

wearing of gloves

Players wearing gloves – the latest guidance from the RFU Having had numerous queries on players wearing gloves, our previously communicated position was that gloves should not be worn. However, we understand that players may wish to wear them during the cold weather. Our… Continue Reading “wearing of gloves”

wearing goggles

The key change here is the codification of the RFU’s sports goggles trial into regulation. The trial has now ended and any Player wishing to wear sports goggles should refer to Regulation 9 and Regulation 15 if they are an Age Grade Player. In… Continue Reading “wearing goggles”

refereeing the junior game

Just a reminder…………………………….. The Society will not be appointing any referees to games, practice sessions etc. for the foreseeable future. When we are able to do so you will be told. If you are approached by a club to referee an event of any… Continue Reading “refereeing the junior game”

Community game delay

Return to competitive play in 2020/21 season delayed to January 2021 earliest Under powers delegated by Council, the RFU Governance Committee today made a difficult decision that, with the exception of Premiership, Championship and Premier 15s rugby, no organised* RFU or non-RFU Leagues including… Continue Reading “Community game delay”