Summer bulletin #2

Things are hotting up!

With another heatwave promised, and the ground still rock hard, it seems strange that our attention is already turning to the start of the 2022-23 season. Please read on for important pre-season information, but first…

How’s your summer been?

Whilst some of you are (of course) spending time in the gym preparing for your bronco test (!), or enjoying the beach, or playing other summer sports, some of our referees have been representing their countries in various refereeing guises this month.

Eagle-eyed Commonwealth Games watchers will have seen Leonie Pryor on the pitch for various 7s matches, and our training director Neil Chivers and referee Fiona Brunt packed in three 17-hour days as technical zone managers behind the scenes. Still at the Games, our very own Chair Kelvin Roberts has been putting in multiple shifts as a steward at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, including the Gold Medal final.

And finally in a slightly different version of the oval ball game, dad and son Julian and Theo Edwards have spent this week refereeing at the European Touch Championships in Nottingham, and will also represent England Touch Referees at the Junior Euros in France next weekend.

Pre-season reminder #1

As the number of pre-season games continues to grow, please be reminded that all expenses for pre-season games, summer tournaments and any other ‘out-of-competition’ games in August, should be negotiated with and claimed directly from the host club. This applies even if the match and referee appointment is via Who’s The Ref: please don’t try to claim your expenses via Who’s the Ref for these games as they will not be paid!

Pre-season reminder #2

With just 4 weeks to go until the first weekend of the 22-23 season on 3rd September, please ensure that your availability is up to date on Who’s The Ref, ideally for the whole of September. This saves our appointments team a lot of leg and phone work, and also ensures appropriate match allocations for the level of game. This is especially important this season as there have been a lot of changes to the league structure.

Pre-Season reminder #3

As from 1st September, the Society will resume paying match-day travel expenses via Who’s The Ref. Mileage will now be paid at 45p/mile which is the maximum allowed by HMRC, and in line with RFU guidelines.

Pre-Season reminder #4

A reminder that the Global Law Trials from the 2021-2 season are now written into Law (Full details on the World Rugby website here) and there are two new Global Law Trials for season 2022-23: More information can be found here

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