Update for 4th May 2020

Welcome to today’s update.

Club Cards

As mentioned recently, club cards are now being dispatched to your email address.

Please look at the totals and find areas where you have done well in comparison to your peers and likewise areas that possibly need looking at.

We take a great deal of notice of the cards, especially the comments. In recent seasons these comments, mixed with the scores, have enabled us to identify those referees who were refereeing well above their grade and similarly referees, particularly at the higher level, who have maintained their good overall performance.

Next season, whenever that is, the cards will be used again. If there are changes/improvements that you would like to see please let us know in the comments box for todays update. Your peers will not see the comments, but they will be forwarded to Ray Jones our Grading Officer.

Of course, some referees choose not to hand out the cards and that is their right. However, in taking that view please recognise, especially with our general shortage of watchers, that the Society will struggle to support you as the season progresses, just because we will not have the information.

A final comment re the cards to rebut a myth. Winning sides do not routinely score the referee higher than losing ones. In fact over the last two seasons, the losing sides have scored the referee slightly higher than the victors.

What can we do better for you?

Next Thursday 14th May, the Board are holding a virtual meeting. We will be discussing, amongst other issues, the future. How can we improve, what needs changing and


Please just use the comment box for this day to let us know or email me at chair@northmidsrefs.co.uk.

And as always stay safe

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