Update for 6th May 2020

Managing players

I have posted a video that has been circulated around the Midland Group. Managing players and their expectations is discussed. It is just not about rugby, it starts off with cricket umpires and then there are hockey examples There are two rugby clips, one featuring Nigel Owens and the other Wayne Barnes. If you can, just stop the video after each one and ask yourself, particularly if you are a watcher, ‘Did they do well’ or could it have been done better? Then listen to the summary. Click here to see video

Let me know your thoughts by clicking on the comments. If you have difficulty giving a comment, let me know at chair@northmidsrefs.co.uk as we are still working on that pat of the web site. At the moment the comments will not be seen by others but with your permission we could use your comments as a discussion point.

Club Cards

About a third have been sent out, the remainder will be done later today or tomorrow.


2 Comments on “Update for 6th May 2020

  1. Excellent video – thank you. I agree with the Nigel O comments. Love most of what he does but the lecturing and football references have had their time.

  2. Yes tend to agree with you Martin, but a cracking video, it makes you think.

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