Update for 1st May 2020

A shorter update this morning.

Firstly, thank you for the last few days flurry of votes re the shirts. It means that we now have a more accurate idea of what referees want.

The result of the ballot for short or long sleeves (silent drum roll) – an overwhelming decision that short sleeves are preferred.

So the centenary shirt will be predominately green, including the collar and sleeves, with white side panels. The Society badge will be re-located for this special year to the centre of the chest and will have centenary  1920 – 2020 surrounding it. Our sponsor’s logo PSL will be moved to where the badge has been previously.

Sizes – We will be speaking to our suppliers to confirm what (L)arge actually means and then put a chart on the web page so you can order your size. We have not recorded sizes sent with the short/long sleeves email.

There will be option to buy a second shirt at a cost of about £30 – £35. Please tell us when giving us your size if want to buy one.

Watchers, coaches etc. we have not forgotten you. We are still finalising exactly what the design options we have and once resolved we will let you know and how to place your order.

Thank you to all those who gave an opinion as to what we could give to our social members. The two most recommended were an engraved whistle and a tankard. We will now start doing the sums etc and let you know later what the final decision is.

Please remember you can always respond to these updates by clicking on the Leave a Comment link just beneath the title. You will not see your comment appear straight away, it has to be ‘checked’ by the moderator, but once approved it does show up. It is a way of YOU telling the Board what you want from the Society

Is there a flicker of light at the end of the dark tunnel called Covid-19? We all hope so but in the meantime PLEASE BE SAFE

One Comment on “Update for 1st May 2020

  1. Ash Symonds
    Short sleeve please


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