Update for 29th April 2020


As of today only 37 referees have said whether they want long or short sleeves on the Centenary Shirts. Does that mean the rest do not have an opinion? Tell us so we can choose the style the majority want. Closing date is tomorrow, the end of April, so please email me at chair@northmidsrefs.co.uk with your choice.

The next step will be to ask you for the size you want. Check this site regularly for size information so you get one that fits you!


None of us have real idea about the long term affects of the virus on the community game. Will some clubs not re-open? We just do not know, but to help in a small way the Society has decided not to charge clubs the usual expenses going back for the last financial period. This has not affected the expenses you can claim but it will mean a financial loss to the Society of about £4500

North Midlands RFU have allocated a pot of money to Clubs over this difficult period. If you do hear of any Club’s who need financial help give them please tell them to contact Roger Parsons from North Mids.


I do hope those of you who tuned into last night’s RFU training session enjoyed it as much as I did. Ian Tempest and Christophe Ridley talked about playing advantage, not just at the top level but also at our level.

A few comments made by them;

You have to understand the game in front of you.

No advantage should be played from dangerous play such as a high tackle unless a try is IMMEDIATELY about to be scored. If in doubt blow, safety is paramount.

Are you being consistent for both teams?

If a player says they do not want advantage DO NOT let them tap and go quickly, they can’t have it both ways!

Do you have a strategy in your mind if one side says before kick off that they do not want advantage?

The session finished with two clips of advantage from games done by Ian and Christophe. The first (Gloucester v Leicester) showed, Gloucester, with advantage, running the ball virtually from their own line going the length of the field and scoring under the posts. As was said, ordinarily, you wouldn’t play that much advantage from such a position but on the night Ian ‘got lucky’ – his words.

Christophe was not so lucky. Doing Harlequins v Exeter, a game that needed strong refereeing, he lost sight of the ball as it came out of a scrum on the attacking 5m line. He didn’t see it go to the backs and blew up before they touched it down. He got it wrong and immediately apologised.

The next referee-focused session is in three weeks time, Tuesday 19th May. They are well worth watching.

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