Update for 27th April 2020

Free Shirts

If you haven’t voted for short or long sleeves yet, time is running out, closing date is this coming Thursday. Once we have a decision, we can then start the order process by getting the sizes you need. A form will be posted either the end of this week or more likely the next showing you what the sizes actually mean i.e. our suppliers interpretation of medium, large etc.

Carrying on the theme of the shirts. We want to be able to ‘boast’ about this being the start of our centenary. We have a dinner planned for the end of the season, but what would YOU like to see us do as part of our celebrations? Let me know your thoughts chair@northmidsrefs.co.uk

Club Cards

Ray Jones has completed the analysis of the seasons club cards. Those referees who sent them in will be getting an email in the next few days so they can see how they performed against their peers.

Tuesday’s webinar

Professional Referees Ian Tempest and Christophe Ridley will be talking to about all things Advantage.

To register use: https://bit.ly/3cycokq or if you prefer Twitter https://twitter.com/RFU_GameDev/status/1252989069635858432?s=20

If it is as good as the last one on the tackle it will be very worth while.

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