Update for 24th April 2020

I hope you and your family are keeping well.

Rugby Talk

A couple of weeks ago I watched a webinar about the tackle, I’ll come back to this in a later posting but it was very good. Nothing ‘earth shattering’ but the questions were dealt with sensibly by Premiership Referees Tom Foley and Craig Maxwell-Keys with regular references to the Community Game.

The next similar session (and to keep our minds focused on some rugby) is this coming Tuesday 28th April at 7pm. The professional Referees are Ian Tempest and Christophe Ridley and they will be talking to us about all things Advantage.

To register use: https://bit.ly/3cycokq or

if you prefer Twitter https://twitter.com/RFU_GameDev/status/1252989069635858432?s=20

International Tickets (taken from a recent RFU Newsletter)

The teams involved in the Autumn Internationals are

New Zealand    Australia    Argentina    Tonga

Details of the dates and ticket prices have not yet been advised, hopefully this should be towards the end of June. As soon as we hear anything further we will let members know.

In spite of numerous protests I believe our allocation will be dramatically reduced. If his does happen the previous limit of two tickets per member will be strictly observed, unless demand from members allows otherwise.

Final League Tables

Just in case you have not heard about the final league tables;
This below information applies to all leagues in the English Clubs Championship (men’s levels 3-12) and Women’s RFU Leagues (levels 2-5).

Please note where there is a * in the Women’s league standings, this position/points total is pending a RFU Disputes case.

The tables for levels 4 to 7 only show promotion and relegation, they take no account of any potential level transfers.  These will be reviewed in the coming weeks in accordance with the normal end of season process.

(use ctrl + click) to follow the link you want).

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