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Match Official Developers

Ahead of the new season it is always nice for us to be able to see the guidance our Match Official Developers formally know as Advisors are given to aid progression through our referee career. RFU-RFRU-Match-Official-Developer-Reports-2018.07.31 MO-Development-Review-Form-1-Editable-2018-19-2018.07.20 MO-Development-Review-Form-2-Editable-2018-19-2018.07.20 MO-Performance-Review-Form-3-Editable-2018-19-2018.07.20 If you were to have…

August bulletin – Thursday 22nd

Information on movement between age groups for Female players U12 and above:

2018/’19 AGM Minutes

North Midlands Society of Rugby Referees Annual General Meeting Season 2018/’19 Minutes Held at Tally Ho, Edgbaston, Birmingham on Thursday April 4th, 2019 at 19:00 pm. Board Members in attendance:                                …

Compilation of North Midlands Competition Rules

Rab Cooper (together with help from Melissa Wright) has kindly put together a page linking or featuring all of the various competition regulations that North Midlands Society referees might find themselves officiating fixtures in. You can go to the page using the link below:…

Club Feedback Cards

John Holland has taken over the distribution of the club feedback cards. When you need more cards, please contact John via and he will send them to you.