Update 16th May

Update 16th

Today’s topics – NHS shirts  – RFU Update – Centenary Kit

NHS Shirts Particularly for those who do not follow our Facebook page (North Mids Rugby Refs) and on Twitter (@nmrefs), the shirts below are being offered for sale by Simon Barker. The cost is £25 + VAT and it is hoped that you will add a donation for the NHS. The Society fully supports Simon’s initiative and it will not have any bearing on the free centenary kit we are working on. If you are interested in buying a shirt Simon can be contacted at simonb3773@gmail.com
RFU Update
The announcement today from DCMS, that elite sports can restart is welcome and enables us to consider plans for a return to individual training with social distancing in selected performance training facilities across Premiership Rugby.

While much has been done in recent weeks to establish protocols around a safe return to training and ultimately competition, there is still significant work to do and discussions to be had with players and staff before any form of training can resume, their welfare will be at the heart of our decisions.

This announcement relates only to the restarting of individual training with social distancing in Premiership Rugby. The RFU will continue to work with government and other sporting bodies to provide guidance on return to training in the community game, Greene King IPA Championship, Rugby Sevens and Tyrrells Premier 15s ahead of next season. We will continue to keep everyone informed when RFU guidance is issued.  

Centenary Kit

It was agreed at Thursday nights virtual Board Meeting that in addition to the centenary shirt, referees will also be given shorts and socks PROVIDING THEY ARE PAID UP MEMBERS.

A suggested design of a fleece for watchers etc has been seen but needs some slight amendments before ordering. The colour will be green.

The shirt design, like the fleece is still being ‘tinkered’ with but the basics are there.

2 Comments on “Update 16th May

  1. Will the fleece be available for purchase by non watchers?

  2. David, thank you for question. Yes, the same as te shirts it will be possible to buy another one

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