Notice of Annual General Meeting

In accordance with Article 32 of the Articles of Association of the North Midlands Society of Rugby Football Referees, notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the NMSRFR for 2022 will be held at 1900 on Wednesday 27th April 2022, at a centrally located venue to be confirmed.

Further In accordance with Articles 19 and 24 of the Articles of Association of NMSRFR Limited, nominations are hereby sought for the roles of Elected Directors of the Society for 2022/23. 

Nominations must be proposed by a Voting Member of the NMSRFR and seconded by another Voting Member of the NMSRFR. Any nominee must be a member of a Voting Member of the NMSRFR. 

Completed nominations must be with Michael Patz (the NMSRFR Administrator) by 1700 on Friday 15th April 2022. Nominations may be emailed to

The current Directors are listed below: and have indicated they are willing to stand for a further term.

Position                     Nominated                           Proposer                   Seconder 

Chair                          Kelvin Roberts                     Ian Moreton            Michael Patz 

Finance                     Ian Moreton                        Julian Edwards        Neil Chivers 

Communication      Julian Edwards                    Kelvin Roberts         Leonie Pryor 

Training                     Neil Chivers                          Michael Patz            Kelvin Roberts 

Administration        Michael Patz                        Ian Moreton            Leonie Pryor 

YMO Director          Leonie Pryor                        Kelvin Roberts         Ian Moreton 

A nomination has already been received as below:

Development          Huw Jenkins                         Kelvin Roberts         Michael Patz 

Members should be aware that Mike Vaughan is standing down from his role as Development Director, and that there is still a vacancy for Safeguarding Officer

The minutes of the last AGM can be viewed by clicking here. These were approved at the Board Meeting on 29 July 2021.

At the same AGM, one of our longest serving members John Kelly will be invited to become Society President

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