Shortage of Referees – new course(s)

Society Members – Advanced Notice

The below is being circulated to all North Midlands Clubs on Friday. If you are a member of a club please try and ensure your club takes part in what we are offering.

To help with the shortage of referees the Society will be running a number of courses across the North Midlands area with the following benefits

1) There will be no charge for the course

2) They will be held at local clubs

3) They will be held on evenings to suit you

4) Successful participants will be insured to referee

For the Society to start the process we need you to tell us

1) Whether you are willing to host the sessions which will include practical elements

2) How many from your club/neighbouring club are likely to attend (ideally 12 minimum)

Responses please to: Kelvin Roberts chair@northmids

We are also looking to see if there would be interest to run a Young Match Official Course during the February half term. Most likely it would be a two day course

NB This does not replace The RFU ERRA course and those seeking to progress will still need to attend that course (scheduled for October 2022)


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