It’s that Friday feeling!

Whilst crossing your fingers that the weather doesn’t disrupt a second weekend in a row, here’s just a couple of snippets of news for this Friday 2nd December.

New Facebook page for members only

The current Facebook page is a great supportive forum for referees and for the wider rugby community in the North Midlands area, as well as encouraging more people to take up the whistle. We have also now set up a ‘members-only’ Facebook page, open to active Society referees only, and designed to be a ‘safe space’ where all referee-related discussion can be held in relative privacy! Membership is by approval only, so please head over to the page by clicking here, and ‘Ask to Join’ .

Meet the ref

To show the ‘human side’ of Society referees (!), you’ll start to see a regular series of ‘Meet the Ref’ snapshots, which tell you just a little bit about some of our referees and what they get up to ‘in real life’ when not running around on a rugby field! The first four of these can be found by clicking here.

Variations: ‘Game On Global’

Recognizing some of the difficulties being experienced by the community game in getting a full 15-player team together on a regular basis, World Rugby have drawn up some guidelines to enable clubs and teams to adapt the game in various ways to accommodate lower numbers. Click here to view the World Rugby Page, and click here to download the full Law Variation guidlines.

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