YMO Message sent to Clubs


I am sending this message to you because of your connection with the rugby club and in the hope that you will circulate it to likely interested members.  

To celebrate a return to rugby the Referees Society is re-starting their successful Young Match Official programme and this year we are adding two new aspects to the scheme. 

Why change an already successful programme you may ask. We see the need to widen our approach to make us more inclusive whilst also recognising that we can support those taking part if they wish to get involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. 

So, we are not just looking for referees, we also want to develop those young rugby supporters, who for whatever reason, cannot play the game, but still wants to be involved, We are offering them chance to become watchers.  Initial training would be similar to a referee but then they would be guided towards the specific skills of helping the referee develop with one to one de-briefs and analysing a game from a different perspective, all skills that are transferable later on in life. 

We know that many young people are actively pursuing a Duke of Edinburgh award. We have been told that learning to become a referee or a watcher, will be recognised in the skills category.   

The ages we are targeting is 14-17 year olds and it goes without saying that all sexes are welcome and encouraged to have a go. 

To learn more and take the first step …………………………………………….. 

If they live in Shropshire ask the parent/guardian to phone Rod Blaine on 07810 850970  

If they live in Worcestershire or Herefordshire its Tony Jones on 07504 975893 – parents/guardian again   

If they live in Greater Birmingham or maybe just outside our area, parents/guardians to contact Kelvin Roberts on 07817 686855  

Thank you  

Kelvin Roberts 

Chair of Society 

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