6 Nations £50 winner

The first winner of our 6 Nations guess the results and scores competition is one of Young Match Officials

Dylan Gough

Congratulations Dylan the money will be on the way to you shortly.

Dylan correctly forecast 11 of the 15 match results (nobody suggested Scotland for last nights game!) and was just 2 points out in the guess for the total number of points scored throughout the tournament.

Runners up i.e. they also correctly guessed 11 match results were Jagir Uppal and Lewis Courtney.

If you entered, thank you, if not WHY NOT?

Seriously, should we do it again next year?

Simply use the comment facility at the top of the page and just tell me yes or no please.

NB The comment facility can be used on any of our posts. The message comes to me and our webmaster Julian Edwards. Tell us what you think PLEASE

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