Peter ogden

Peter passed away on the 3rd November. He had been unwell for some time but even so he maintained his interest in rugby.

A former referee and watcher for the Society, Peter moved to the Manchester area some years ago but maintained his contact with the Society.

In these difficult times a Society member will not be able to attend his funeral but a donation has been sent to the hospice who supported him to the end.

3 Comments on “Peter ogden

  1. I regarded Peter as a good friend. He did not drive and arrived at the remotest clubs on public transport.
    He was fiercely intelligent studying maths at Cambridge University.
    While he was a real eccentric he was universally held in high regard and additionally was a fine cricket umpire.

  2. Can only echo Terry’s words on Peter’s somewhat different views on the universe to the rest of of the planet. If you wanted totally unvarnished help Peter was your man. He will be sadly missed on many cricket & rugby pitches across the country but will remain in our memories for a very long time.

  3. I agree with Terry and Mick’s comments about Peter. Although a bit eccentric his commitment to rugby and especially North Midlands, Society and CB, showed his total support.. R,I.P Peter.

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