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The key change here is the codification of the RFU’s sports goggles trial into regulation. The trial has now ended and any Player wishing to wear sports goggles should refer to Regulation 9 and Regulation 15 if they are an Age Grade Player.

In summary this means…..

Players are now permitted to wear sport goggles in all forms of contact rugby without obtaining the RFU’s prior consent where the conditions set out in Regulation 9 are met. The additional requirement for Age Grade Players is that they must have the consent of their parent(s) or guardian. Ø Players should note that the RFU’s approach to sports goggles differs from that of World Rugby and the other Home Unions, so if a Player wishes to use sports goggles outside of England, they should consult the rules of the relevant Union.

Goggles Regulation 9 & 15 – detail

Goggles 9.7 Subject to the extra conditions specified for Age Grade players by RFU Regulation 15.10, players are permitted to wear specifically designed sports goggles in all forms of contact rugby where the following conditions are satisfied: a. the sports goggles must be dispensed by a General Optical Council (“GOC”) registered dispensing optician or an optometrist registered with the GOC; and b. the player must have written confirmation from the registered dispensing optician or optometrist that: i. the goggles are required to correct the vision of the player or are required to protect the player’s eyes due to a medical or optical condition, to enable the playing of rugby union; and ii. the goggles do not substantially restrict any normal field of vision and are suitable for use in evasion contact sports; and iii. the goggles do not constitute a physical danger to the player or other players; and iv. the player is not capable of wearing contact lenses and why this is the case. 9.8 Clubs must report any injuries caused as a result of the sports goggles to the RFU Community Medical Team by emailing rugbysafe@rfu.com and the player must report the injury to the dispensing optician or optometrist who prescribed the goggles.

Age Grade Players can now wear sports goggles in all forms of contact rugby where the conditions set down in Regulation 15 are met. These are the same conditions as for Adult Players except for the additional requirement for parental/guardian consent.

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