Update 19th june

Society Training and Registering for the web site

Society Training

No actual rugby but still a lot going on behind the scenes.

Commencing next Thursday, 25th June we will be delivering weekly webinars on various aspects of our game. We will start with the role of a referee coach.

The webinars will all start at 7pm and not last any longer than an hour, indeed, some will be less than that. All the presentations will be led by Society members and the topics will focus on us and our Society.

If there is anything you want discussed please just click on Leave a Comment at the top of the page and type in a brief description of what you want to see and hear about.

There will be a general circulation via WTF for those people who have not yet registered on this web site (see below) Details of how to log on to the webinar will be shown here on Wednesday’s each week.

Web Site. The Society preferred way of communicating with members is the web site. To make it easier for members Julian Edwards has introduced a registration factor. When you register you will be told when something new has been posted saving you having to check regularly.

To register, go onto the web page northmidsrefs.co.uk and navigate to the home page. Then scroll down and on the left you will see a place where to put your own email address. Complete that and then click on ‘Join NMSRFR Mailing list and that’s it.

3 Comments on “Update 19th june

  1. Surely you meant “WTR” rather than “WTF”!

  2. That’s either autocorrect or a Freudian slip 🙂

  3. Will the webinars be recorded and available for later viewing? Some of the dates clash with other meetings.

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