Law Question: Missed Penalty Kick, kicked in goal by defender, caught and made dead by a second defender.


It’s the last play of the game. Red are kicking for posts. The ball drifts just wide and a Green player, in the in-goal area, stops it with his foot (making him the ‘kicker’). It bounces up into the arms of another Green player, also in-goal, who is in front of him. He kicks it out to end the game. Red players all cry for offside.

Do offside lines apply in the same way in-goal? And do those laws apply if it comes in the wake of a penalty kick i.e. not normal open play?

If the Green player in front of the ‘kicker’ is ALSO in the in-goal area, is he offside when he gathers and kicks it dead, so do you give a penalty kick on the five?

Society response:

The awarding of the original penalty allows the non-offending side to kick the ball as they see fit. Presumably the ball was kicked without further infringement so the PK has been taken and if it hasn’t gone dead from that kick (over the bar, into touch or touch in goal) then it remains in open play.

If the ball had fallen short no one would question this now being open play.

Law 10.1 states that any player is offside if he/she is in front of a team mate who last played the ball.

The player who used his foot (or any other part of his body) played the ball, therefore a team mate in front of him is not allowed to play the ball without sanction unless he first puts himself on-side, is put on-side by the action of his team mate who played the ball or the action of a team mate who was himself originally on-side.

The sanction for offside is a penalty and the nearest a penalty can be awarded to the goal line is 5 metres.

Response written December 21st, 2018.

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