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Specific questions (and answers) relating to the current laws

Update 13th May 2020

Law Change. Very interesting last paragraph re Law trials and concussion Click here to see a web copy of this emailFor immediate releaseIssued on behalf of World RugbyWorld Rugby announces law amendment relating to scoring against the post protectorWorld Rugby has announced that, with… Continue Reading “Update 13th May 2020”

Law Questions

Q . A penalty kick at goal, missed but is chased and then knocked on in in-goal. Decision. Society response: Law 1: The playing area includes in-goal Law 11.1 A knock-on can occur anywhere in the playing area Law 7 Advantage There is no… Continue Reading “Law Questions”

Law question: replacements and uneven team numbers

A couple of questions asked by the Society and responded to by Mike Patz, Match Official Development Manager. Q. A player goes off with a bad knee injury and has it heavily strapped. Is that player allowed to go back on as a replacement… Continue Reading “Law question: replacements and uneven team numbers”

Law Questions (2) – August 2019

Game scenario and member’s question/request for guidance:- Can you push a ball carrier into touch? I have recently seen a senior referee allow it, and also have read an assessor’s report say it’s forbidden.  Thoughts? Society response: Law 9.11           Players must not do anything… Continue Reading “Law Questions (2) – August 2019”

Law Questions – August 2019

Offside question 1, defending scrum half: I’m after some clarification on where the opposition scrum half can go at the scrum if they’re not following the ball round. It’s something I’ve never pinned down. Do they have to stay on the eight’s back foot… Continue Reading “Law Questions – August 2019”