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Welcome to our new web page. Julian Edwards has volunteered to redevelop the site and is busy changing things around, tweaking things here and there. Please explore it and let him/us have any constructive comments and ideas, bearing in mind that it is still very much a ‘work in progress’!

How do you let us know? If you look under the title you will see in green ‘Add a Comment’. Click on it and give us your thoughts. Later on we will be asking you to comment on a more regular basis, probably mainly on Law questions so please get used to using it now.

You’ll see underneath this post that Rab Cooper is going round in circles raising money for an excellent cause, can you donate?

We sent out notice of postponement of the AGM early in March and now we have had further advice from the RFU. The three options were:

  • Defer the AGM because the time window is not defined
  • Run a virtual AGM ensuring that reports are circulated before the meeting and you have checked out the technology so that everybody who would expect to attend can get included
  • Run a virtual AGM with a single agenda item to defer the AGM

We are comfortable with our decision to defer the AGM: whilst we are looking at virtual meetings for other subjects, we feel that the AGM is so important a face to face style meeting later on is the right option.

When we get to hold the meeting, the Board will be recommending the appointment of Nancy Wilkin-Mead as the Training Director (a new position) and looking for a replacement for our Admin Director, Mick Fielding. If you want to know more about the Admin role please use the comment function described above.

When we get round to the AGM Phil Carman will become our President. Talking of Phil, the next post will be discussing free kit…………….

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