Next Thursday the Society will host a webinar about developing watchers and coaches.

The plan is to better recognise the work of these members so that they can progress and develop just like the referees they help now. 

Regular watchers will be contacted directly but if you are interested in becoming a watcher, maybe at the end of the season, you know someone at your club who may be interested please let me know asap so that we can put you on the list. Maybe you have hung your boots up already and now feel ready to get back involved, join us, it doesn’t cost anything to find out. 

Equally, if you are just interested in seeing how the Society is moving forward please join us

The webinar is free and will take about 50 minutes. It will start at 7.30pm

Kelvin Roberts


Webinar – Further to the above message which you should have received yesterday. If you want to listen and contribute to the nights discussions please let me know asap and before Saturday morning so you can be registered.

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