The first two days of these notices have talked about referees; today is about watchers

The Society did not have any form of pathway for watchers and that has to change. The Board sees it following an almost identical pattern to a referee. First few games, ideally with an experienced watcher, would be where the referee is ungraded. The watcher would develop the best way to deliver advice and support with safety as a prominent theme.

Once achieved, the same as the referee, at levels 12-10 the watcher will be asked to focus his/her advice on the breakdown and set pieces. The next step are games at levels 9-7 where the emphasis is on management of the game and all that entails.

Report writing will play a part in a watchers development and once the referee is graded there is an expectation that the RFU forms will be used.

There are plans for a watchers get together mid season.

Finally, we do need to recruit more, so please try and be at next Thursday meeting (7pm at the Police Training Centre, Pershore Road, Birmingham) when thoughts about recruitment will be aired. We especially want your views and ideas.

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