Top Left to right Michael Essam, David Watts-Boothby, Hannah Everitt, James Ranford, Paul ‘Stretch’ Owens, Michael Patz, Rob Cross, Fred Wild.

Kneeling Left to right Becky Carter Paul Salisbury, Franco Brown, Jack Doust, Rab Cooper

From Friday 4th May 2018 through to late the next day all those shown in the photograph refereed a rugby match, Scottys Little Soldiers v a Firefighters team. The match ended in a victory to the Firefighters 1659 pts to Little Soldiers 1277pts.

The game lasted for 29 hours and 15mins and was declared a Guiness World Record at the time.

In addition to setting a new record, the match raised more than £20,000 for the Firefighters Charity and Scotty’s Little Soldiers, a charity which supports young people wh0 have lost a parent serving with the armed services.

This was a second attempt after the game the year before broke the record but due to a technology issue it couldn’t be verified. That game raised over £50k for the same 2 charities.

Congratulations to all involved.

North Midlands Society of Rugby Football Referees

Committed to Excellence as Rugby Union Match Officials

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