Geoff Murch R.I.P.

Geoff was a long standing member of the Society before his untimely death. He had been suffering with ill health for some time but throughout this time he kept in touch with the Society and whenever possible he could be found at his beloved club, Veseyans RFC

Geoff loved his rugby and played in the front row for the now defunct Lucas RFC, before taking up refereeing quite late. His whole demeanour was trying to get two teams to enjoy themselves and if he could possibly avoid blowing the whistle he would do so. Not the tallest of people, Geoff is described in a players summary of a game between Bromsgrove and Stourbridge Lions in 2003 (how rugby has changed!)

………after a lack lustre warm up, with no ‘tip tapping’ due to the absent Babcock and depressingly few references to who was whose bitch, the Lions took to the field to do battle with the lion tamers of Bromsgrove. However, the Lions knew their luck was in when the referee, who not for the first time this season towered beneath the diminutive figure of captain Sponge, insisted that no whip or chains were to be allowed on the field of play…………….

The big man released a stream of obscenities that would have made a sufferer of Tourette’s syndrome blush. The referee brandished a yellow card that was almost as big as he was and Tibbo marched off the pitch only to be sent to the other end…………………

Geoff’s body then suggested he should he give up refereeing and move on to being a watcher. His friendly and warm personality enabled him to support and encourage experienced and inexperienced referees equally.

Recently he was presented with a glass tankard as part of the Society’s centenary celebrations, he was so pleased and his smile said just how much he loved his rugby. RIP Geoff

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