Damian took on the very difficult task of arranging mid week appointments. In doing so he brought fresh ideas to the job. As an example, he started making appointments a lot earlier than had been done before. He also started using our social media sites to not only appeal for help but also inform members and clubs about ‘last minute’ appointments. This was all accomplished whilst he was working long and difficult hours visiting various NHS sites demonstrating equipment to doctors etc.

Apart from doing mid week appointments, his day job, looking after his family Damian also managed to turn out regularly for the Society on Saturdays, thus maintaining his level 6 position.

Unfortunately a change of employment meant that he was no longer able to spare the time for re-appointments and he had to step down after nearly 3 years in the post.

Damian, thank you for what you did for the Society.

North Midlands Society of Rugby Football Referees

Committed to Excellence as Rugby Union Match Officials

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