August bulletin – Monday 19th

We need more watchers – thoughts from Phil Carman who is leading on the project.

An active rather than passive approach. Someone who can visit local clubs over a period of time (weeks/months?) and make contact with possible watchers and introduce them to the concept of watching. This may in fact, be more than one person; perhaps a small team, geographically targeting their local clubs? There must be potential watchers ‘out there’ who just need to be persuaded to join up to the scheme.

Reporting Methods /Systems

Initially new watchers may need to complete a ‘modified’ assessment card rather than the current RFU short form. We could develop our own in-house form and use this during the training/mentoring process. However, in the first instance, a frank, honest and open discussion is probably going to be the best solution, using the North Midlands’ modified form as a guide. Referees concerned should be asked if they have any objections to a trainee sitting in at the de-briefing, post- match. In any case, they would most likely discuss referee performance informally both during and immediately after the match-always stressing the positive rather than the negative aspects.


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