North Mids Centenary 27/11/19

North Mids Centenary Match Nov 2019

The North Midlands RFU organised their centenary celebrations at Ellesmere College and our very own YMOs Ash and Paddy had the great pleasure of Assistant Refereeing for Luke Pearce and meeting Sir Bill Beaumont. Both of the YMOs did a fabulous job of representing the society at this prestigious event

Here’s what YMO Paddy had to say about the experience

“On the 27th November 2019, I had the privilege to assistant referee at Ellesmere college against Wrekin college for Luke Pearce. It was a surreal experience which will be hard to top in my refereeing career. It was great to watch a professional do what they do best, and strange to see someone you see on the TV standing right in front of you. It was an amazing celebration for the centenary of North Midlands RFU, in which I was also lucky enough to meet Sir Bill Beaumont, ex-England captain and ex-student at Ellesmere, which was also a surreal experience. I am honoured to have been a part of the celebration, and look forward to where refereeing will take me.”

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