Paul Scott


How long have you been refereeing? 15 years

First match you can remember? Easter Saturday 2005. Aldridge 2nd XV 25-32 Spartans 3rd XV.

Why did you start refereeing? Two reasons. Firstly, I’m not a drinker and therefore didn’t socialise much, felt that refereeing might suit me. Secondly, I wanted to take care of players, they can only play with a referee and I wanted to do a safe, accurate job.

Favourite venue to referee at? Luctonians I wish it wasn’t so far away.

Best refereeing moment so far? Daily Mail u18 cup, last 16. Old Swinford Hospital playing Wyggeston Grammar. A ferocious match. OSH always slightly behind mainly because their 15 had an awful day from the tee and missed everything. 6 points behind in injury time, with the whole school watching on the side-line, a line break led to a try, giving the 15 a shot at redemption. He missed.
However, there was serious foul play against the try-scorer so a penalty restart was in order. ‘Can we kick for touch sir?’ Afraid not (at that time) so they tapped and several phases later, the 15 scores in the corner to wild celebrations. Most amazing finish to ANY game I’ve seen.

The last game you refereed? Worcester beat Evesham in U16 cup semi-final. Shame the final will never be played.

Pre-match meal? Quarter pounder with cheese. Why not?

Any pre-match rituals or superstition? I visualise set pieces in the match and (in my head) shout at players using the teams’ colours to get used to those colours.

One piece of advice for new referees? Just enjoy it. Don’t take any abuse from anyone and talk to other referees and players about your performance.

Best piece of advice you were given? Get your ‘good’ penalties in early. Set your stall out early in match so teams behave from the start.

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