Julian Edwards

Day job? Sales manager for a classical music recording company

How long have you been refereeing? Not long enough to know it all yet!

First match you can remember? It was an U16 cup semi-final between Walsall and Newcastle, talk about baptism of fire!  In the end it only lasted until half time as Walsall won 52-0, but my legs knew I’d had a run out on the AGP!

Why did you start refereeing? I was fed up of watching my son play in what I thought were poorly refereed games and thought I could do better. I’ve since realised of course that my confidence was misplaced!

Favourite ground to referee at? Probably DK for the hospitality, or any club with an all-weather surface in the winter!

Best refereeing moment: I refereed a university game at Worcester, and thought it was ‘just another game’: then I got a text from one of the match contacts the day after saying he thought that I’d had an excellent game, that I was “the best they’d seen this season”, and they’d love to have me appointed to their games any time. It’s feedback like that which makes it all worthwhile!

The last game you refereed. Walsall 3 (0) vs Telford Hornets 3 (15).  It was a total mudbath!

Pre-match food? A banana and a double espresso

Any pre-match rituals? I always take a quiet walk around the pitch, partly to check for undesirable objects or ‘deposits’, but also to get a feel for the atmosphere, weather, and to watch the teams warm up.   I also don’t put my boots on until just before KO

One piece of advice for new referees? Even if you’re not sure you’ve made the correct decision, back yourself every time, and follow through with confident talk and actions

Best piece of advice you were given? Get there!  If you can’t see what’s happening because you’re too far away, you can’t make the correct decision.


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