Useful refereeing documents

Here are the most likely documents and links that you will need in your week-to-week refereeing. If you would like to see anything else useful appear here, please email Julian at

Post-Match Report Forms

You can download these forms by clicking the title links below. The documents can then be completed on your screen, or printed and completed by hand.

Red Card Report Form / Red Card Report Form for Age-Grade (U18 and under)

Red Card forms should be sent only to the Society Disciplinary Secretary Dave Thomas in the first instance (you may be asked to forward copies to the player’s local RFU in due course, but please do not do this unless requested). Forms can be printed, and completed forms posted to 1 Needwood Avenue, Trowell, Nottingham NG9 3RJ or scanned and emailed to Guidance notes for completing the form can be downloaded here

Referee Abuse Report Form

Please complete this form for ANY form of abuse received by you as referee from a player, a coach or a spectator, as soon as possible after the event. Forms should be sent/copied to all three of the following:

The Society Disciplinary Secretary (as above for RC report)

The Society Chair, Kelvin Roberts

North Mids RFU Disciplinary Secretary, Steve Biggs

Abandoned Match Form

If you or any other involved party (team, captain, club official) abandons a match before full time, this form should be completed and sent to the same three recipients as above

Serious Injury Form

This form is to be completed as soon as possible after the event, and should be considered a priority.

Completed forms should be emailed to :

The Society Secretary

The RFU Sports Injuries Administrator

It’s especially important that these forms are filled in as soon as possible after any such event to assist with any necessary processes.

If you need guidance in completing any of these forms, please feel free to contact us first. We are happy to offer any advice you may need.

Feedback Cards

Please complete as many of these as possible during the season. Not only are they useed to assess referees for level upgrades, they are a very good indicator of how clubs think we are doing!

Score Cards Example 1 / Example 2

You may have your own way of keeping score during the game, but here are a couple of examples you may find useful. Click above to download them

Progression as a Referee

Here are some useful documents on how a referee can progress through the grading process

The Development Pathway

The Development Squad

The Grading Process

Other useful documents and links

Setting your availability on Who’s the Ref Website

Pre-match preparation for new/young referees

Society kit can be ordered by clicking here

NEW Current Guidelines for Studs/boots

NEW Pitch condition /postponement procedure

Touchline Behaviour Management

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