August 2018 EGM Minutes


Held at Tally Ho on Wednesday August 29th, 2018 at 19.00



Apologies were received from: – Steve Guy, Mike Spencer, Mike Lewis, Patrick Hooper.


Mike Jones, as Chairman opened the meeting and stated that subject to proposals for a more focused Board structure being agreed upon by the members present he would be handing over to Kelvin Roberts once the EGM had concluded. He took the opportunity to thank all former Board members, specifically Dave Thomas and Mike Spencer for their dedicated service to the Society over many, many years. All members present warmly supported his views.


The previously circulated proposal that the Board be restructured as follows: –

Chair                          Kelvin Roberts          Nominated by Mike Vaughan and seconded by Steve Guy

Finance                       Ian Moreton               Nominated by Kelvin Roberts seconded by Mick Fielding

HR                              Mike Vaughan          Nominated by Kelvin Roberts and seconded by Rod Blaine

Administration          Mick Fielding            Nominated by Ian Moreton seconded by Mike Vaughan

C.B. Representative  Steve Guy                  Nominated by Dave Thomas seconded by Ian Moreton

Questions were taken from the floor and Jeff Ford was very concerned about the naming of HR as a Board function as this had specific connotations in the business world. KR stated that this issue would be addressed and hopefully resolved at the first meeting of the new Board. This was accepted by the floor and the meeting moved onto voting the proposed structure and this was agreed by a large majority vote.

KR then took over as Chair with a thank you to all the retiring members of the board and a wish that they would continue to be the heart & sole of the Society for many years to come. He then went on to explain the vision of what the future holds for all of the members and how this would ensure that the challenges that lay ahead could be addressed.


Rod Blaine, as Society President, then made presentations to Mike Jones and Dave Thomas of gold-plated whistles and framed citations celebrating their many years of service to the Society and stated that the same award to Mike Spencer would be made at an appropriate time. He continued to make a presentation to the members of the Society present who created a new World Record in officiating a rugby game lasting 29 hours & 15 minutes and raised over £20,000 for two rugby related charities. The full list of those taking part was as follows: –

Becky Carter                                                                          Paul ‘Stretch’ Owens

Rab Cooper                                                                            Mike Patz

Rob Cross                                                                               James Ranford

Jack Doust                                                                              Paul Salisbury

Mike Essam                                                                             David Watts-Boothby

Hannah Everitt                                                                       Fred Wild       

On Pitch & Pitchside Behaviours

Lex Allen gave a highly relevant talk on why all members needed to give very high priority to ensuring that their games ALWAYS adhered to the current guidelines on Pitch & Pitchside behaviours. This is very important in maintaining and improving club & player standards not only for your visit but those who followed.

Law Interpretation from World Rugby

Neil Chivers gave an excellent talk on the interpretation of “What is a deliberate knock-on” with personal anecdotes highlighting the reasoning behind the requirements in this area and how it affects your game management.

Society Centenary

D.L. Thomas talked to the membership of the forthcoming centenary in 2020 with a proposed Grand Dinner. He reminded everyone of the high regard that annual dinners always used to have and the wish to make this anniversary a very special one. This could not be a one man show and Dave asked for as much specialist help as possible in ensuring that the correct format, venue, guests, timing, etc were most appropriate.

Guest Speakers

Michael Hawkes from Mixed Ability Sports aided by Martino and Ahsan gave an outstanding presentation on how Mixed Ability in Rugby was worth supporting & encouraging. Mike Vaughn thanked the trio for their time and presented a society shirt to Ahsan. Members were asked to offer their support for this project in whatever way was most suitable for them.

Buffet & Mission Statement

During the closing buffet everyone was requested to vote for the Society’s new Mission Statement – this was decided as being option six


The meeting closed at 09.30



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