Already a referee?

Pic: David Wild
Pic: David Wild

If you’re already a qualified and/or experienced rugby referee, please consider joining our society. All official North Mids RFU fixtures are only refereed by Society members. So apart from being a great way to get lots of games, becoming a member of a refereeing Society is a fantastic opportunity in many other ways

  • Advancement through the refereeing grades
  • The possibilty of one-to-one coaching and mentoring
  • A great way to transition from playing to refereeing
  • Regular training and development days
  • Fitness regimes and regular testing
  • A huge pool of advice and tips available from your fellow members
  • Become a ‘Referee Developer’ (see our separate page) and help other referees in their development

Click here for more details on becoming a member

If you are already a member, click here to enter the members-only area

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