Friday Bulletin 29 April: ‘That’s all folks’!

That’s a wrap, folks: the 2021-22 regular season is done and dusted, we hope that you all enjoyed the return to full rugby after the enforced breaks over the last couple of years. There’s just a couple of things before we go!


The Society AGM was held on Wednesday 27 April, and the meeting was also recorded so that those not present can observe proceedings: the video and the written minutes will be published on our Society Meeting Documents page as soon as they are ready. There were lots of useful discussions on developing our refereeing as we go into next season, so watch this space for news of specific ideas and how you can contribute

Age Grade finals

The age-grade season culminated in Finals day last weekend featuring among others one of our YMOs Charlie refereeing alongside AR dad Owen, and a few more of our regular Sunday referees in action. The adult and U18 finals take place in the next few days to round off the season

The off-season

Over the off-season the Friday bulletin will not be sent out every week, but there will be occasional bulletins over the summer including an AGM follow-up. In the meantime, keep checking into the website as we make updates and changes over the summer, and of course, keep fit and healthy during the off-season!

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  1. Thank you Julian – really appreciate your Friday Bulletins.
    Enjoy the break 👍🏼

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