Saturday 14th February – weather

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The following message has been received from Paul Kiminski Chair Midlands Leagues Organising Committee. Please note that it is specifically concerned with league matches. However, your safety and welfare are paramount (as are the players etc) so I would recommend that you consider very carefully requests to play none league games on both Saturday and Sunday.

Kelvin Roberts


It is Thursday evening and I have checked the local weather forecasts for this coming Saturday (15th Feb) in all 4 corners of the Midlands (Scunthorpe, Luton, Malvern and Whitchurch). It is apparent that, across the length and breadth of the Midlands, playing and travel will be problematic, if not dangerous on Saturday. Wind speeds of up to 60mph and general heavy rain are the order of the afternoon. Gusts of wind may be even greater. It is therefore necessary, for the sake of all participants, to advise the postponement of all league matches within the Midlands. The only exceptions to this would be where clubs in any league match, believe that locally conditions will allow both travel and play to take place safely for players officials and spectators. My view (as of 2030 on Thursday) is that this is most unlikely. It is possible that, where circumstances allow and clubs mutually agree, some matches could be played on Friday evening. This is to be encouraged. With regard to Sunday, this looks to be no improvement upon Saturday. League Secretaries are asked to contact all their clubs ASAP in order to update them and re-arrange postponed fixtures for the Next Available Saturday. Please also advise clubs to inform referees and other match officials. Regards,Paul Kaminski

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