Meet The Ref

A new year, a new ‘meet the ref’:

This time we have been speaking to one of the key ‘drivers’ of our YMO programme Leonie Pryor.

Leonie 2

1) How long have you been refereeing?

This’ll be my 4th season.

2) First match you can remember refereeing?

I remember it just like it was yesterday! U14s Friendly at Luctonians, I was absolutely terrified and went for about 7 nervous wees before KO! The players and the coaches were just super.

3) Why did you start refereeing?

When I played, one of my teammates who was also our physio nicknamed me “sick note.” It turns out running full pelt in to people twice my size never ended that well.

4) Favourite ground to ref at?

In the North Mids I’d have to say DK, they always offer a really warm welcome and cuppa on arrival.

5) Best refereeing moment?

Only one! Being AR at Twickenham is definitely up there! There are many equally memorable moments but my favourites are those games where you’re on a roll, in the right place (most of the time), feeling confident about your decisions and manage to keep up with play. A warm welcome from the club, having a laugh with the players and kind words from the spectators is the icing on the cake.

Wee Ref

6) The last game you refereed?

I was at Evesham.

7) Pre match food?

Scrambled or poached eggs (from my own hens) on toast for breakfast.

8) Any pre match rituals?

Yes, I have a specific playlist I like to shuffle through on route to a game. The Pretenders – Brass in pocket is one of my favourites!

leonie 3

9) One piece of advice to a new ref?

Just give it a whirl! I went in to refereeing with absolutely no ambition and have had some amazing experiences and opportunities on the back of it.

10) Best piece of advice you were given?

Go out on to the pitch and be yourself, you’re a better referee than you think you are.


Thanks Leonie for letting us in to the your ref world and go well this weekend.


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