2018/’19 AGM Minutes


North Midlands Society of Rugby Referees

Annual General Meeting Season 2018/’19 Minutes

Held at Tally Ho, Edgbaston, Birmingham on Thursday April 4th, 2019 at 19:00 pm.

Board Members in attendance:

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                      Mick Fielding                     Steve Guy                Ian Moreton

               LWP_0296                              Mike-Vaughan2

                                         Kelvin Roberts                          Mike Vaughan



             Charlie Hemmings – North Mids RFU Chairman


Apologies were received from: – Michael Craik, Lewis Davidson, Patrick Hooper, Mike Lewis, Harry Millward, Michael Patz, Mark Royal, Paul Scott, James Shanahan, Mike Spencer, Dave L. Thomas, and Bryn Wilkes

57 Members were signed in as attending, plus a Lord Lucan.


KR outlined how the evening would progress. He explained that Neil Chivers would act as ‘Master of Ceremonies’ in an effort to make proceedings less formal than heretofore but before handing over, the following points needed to be made:

  1. Election of Directors needed to be deferred until the August pre-season meeting as there had been insufficient notice to members. NB The members present accepted this as reasonable.
  2. A brief summary of all the actions taken over the past year.
  3. There had been a concerted effort to work with the County Board to address issues collectively rather than individually and this policy was starting to become ever more robust.
  4. There is still an overwhelming need for more volunteers to fill the important roles within the Society and an appeal was made for people to come forward to ease the burden.
  5. The current President had introduced the concept of a Vice President to work alongside him over the next period especially as this leads into the Centenary celebrations. Phil Carman had agreed to accept this role and gave a short speech accepting the honour and pledging his ongoing support to the successful development of the Society.
  6. The Young Whistlers programme of 29 recruits had been an overwhelming success. To continue to develop this, Leonie Pryor agreed to join the board to help establish a robust process going forward. LP introduced herself and gave some thoughts on how she believes her role would develop.
  7. As members had requested training sessions were now regionalised, Dave Winter gave an overview on how he would be co-ordinating this project.
  8. Phil Marris would be taking on the role of pastoral care for the society membership, sometimes referred to as societal welfare.
  9. In response to many requests, the Society would be assisting clubs with the provision of referees for summer festivals. Phil Monaghan would be taking the lead role in this new venture with the active support of Rod Blain, and Mike Spencer.
  10. Jeff Ford had volunteered to take on the Club Administrators role, replacing Mick Fielding, which supported the cash flow requirements of club invoicing. He also would take on the Society Membership role which had been dormant for a number of years.


IM gave a detailed breakdown of the society’s financial status with the following points: –

  1. The 31st May 2018 accounts had been made available to members in December. No questions were asked about these.
  2. The treasurer therefore took the opportunity to update and explain to members how the societies income was generated and what operating costs it met now that we levied match fees and fully utilised the benefits of ‘WhosTheRef.’
  3. A comparative income and expenditure were produced to the meeting (figurers to 31.03.2019) and assessed against the 2018 full years costs.
  4. Members had the opportunity to ask questions following a detailed review.
  5. Please see attached for full details.


MV gave detailed breakdown on all aspects of his role (see attached) and highlighted the success of the regional programme and the excellent ‘Young Whistlers’ initiative.

Communication/Database Proposals

MF gave a presentation on possibilities for improved communications for the society, and asked for approval to continue the process (see attached), as well as undertaking a quick SWOT during the buffet break.


The chairman of the North Mids RFU, Charlie Hemmings, was delighted to award all the YMOs in attendance with a refund of their training costs and also a set of Nando’s vouchers. Rod Blain, in his role of society president, also made presentations to the following society members in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the society in general,  and the Young Whistlers’ scheme in particular: –


Clare Antcliffe                                                                     Peter J Hunt

Tony Jones                                                                             Leonie Pryor

Paul Salisbury                                                                      Paul Scott

Mike Vaughan  


During the buffet, members were asked to work upon the proposed ‘database SWOT’ and their views on how to create a “North Mids Style” of refereeing. Once these have been collated, the findings would be circulated for further discussion and recommendations for the new season.

Closing address

NC announced the winners of the raffle and the meeting long quiz and KR thanked everyone for their attendance and active participation.

The meeting closed at 21:15pm.




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