Mid Season Update

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A fair amount of changes have been made, or are in the process of being made, within the Society. Mid- season seems a good time to try and make sure everyone is aware of the them.

We have introduced a Recognition Policy. The full policy can be seen here but some of the key points are:

  • Any paid up member can recommend someone for work that enhances the image of the Society and/or assists in the running of the Society.
  • Recognition could be something such as a formal thank you, nomination for a sponsors’ voluntary award, all the way through to more formal recognition.
  • Those rewarded, together with reasons, will be published on our web page.

So please read the full policy and then nominate the member who in your view goes the ‘extra mile’ for the Society.

Young Whistlers Hopefully, you will all have heard of the Society’s first ever Young Whistlers courses. Thirty nine girls and boys attended the two courses held during the October half term, far more than was expected when the planning started. Twenty five have now joined the Society and are starting to blow the whistle either at their schools, clubs and where appropriate, on Society appointments. A huge thank you to everyone involved. This is a tremendous achievement for the Society.

Touchline Behaviour Policy The orange bibs are appearing, but more work is still needed to make sure that playing and watching rugby continues to be a safe and enjoyable experience every time. Together with Birmingham University and the North Midlands Union, we are involved in a pilot scheme to learn how to deal with aggression from players and spectators. We are looking for up to 5 active referees of all levels of experience to take part in this event on Tuesday 12th February. The venue has still to be confirmed, but it will be in the Birmingham area, starting at 7pm and lasting for about 2 hours. Travelling expenses will be paid. If you are able to attend, please let any Board Member know.

Grading Ray Jones has been appointed Chair of the Grading Committee.

Facebook Because of the help and advice from John Kelly and Tony Chivers, we are changing the way that questions of Law and the “What would you do” questions are dealt with. Please carry on posting the questions and giving your views. Within a day or two of the original posting, John will draft the Society response quoting the relevant parts of Law where necessary. These questions and answers will also be posted on our web page giving a more permanent record.

In the New Year we are investigating how we can improve further communication and our efficiency (including reducing volunteer work loads). One of the ideas we are looking at is the possibility of investing in a ‘cloud’ database for our administration. If you have knowledge and skill in that area please contact any of the Board members. The immediate plan is to have a brain storming session and go from there so CAN YOU HELP?

Finally, the Board would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kelvin Roberts
Ian Moreton
Mick Fielding
Steve Guy
Mike Vaughan
Rod Blaine

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