Referee Profile: Callum Watson

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Adapting to life at a new level

In action at Sixways, October 2017


Name: Callum Watson

Age: 23

Level: 5

Seasons’ Refereeing: 5

Years in Society: 2



In his own words:

After four seasons of stockpiling good, bad and indifferent refereeing experiences a culmination of hard work meant I was appointed as a Midland Group referee for the season 2018/19.

Like any new level this means delving into a new chapter with a new league, people and ways of thinking. Nervous, excited but yet the premise remains the same, to referee 80 minute rugby matches. Having refereed a couple of sides the previous year I was no stranger but yet to feel comfortable. So the first challenge for the season was to find my feet.

Two months, twelve matches and a few bumps in the road later, I find myself comfortable at level 5. Adapting to a new level takes patience with a key lesson in my transition that self-motivation is a great asset for an aspiring referee with in-depth self-analysis a key to progressing further. The next step is now to be confident at this level, we will see how that progresses.

From Sixways to Seghill, refereeing has taken me all over the country so I look forward to find out where it will take me next.

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