The first real winter’s day took me on a small trip down the M5 to the world famous Kingsholm Stadium to the home of Gloucester Rugby.

This was my first outing in the Premiership Cup comp as 4th. Gloucester have really raised the bar in terms of quality environment. As you will see from the photo its about the small touches to create this.

From having a towel and programme to your own name place it just put a smile of my face from start to finish. To top it all the Beef and Chorizo stew which definitely warmed the insides back up as the temperature did not get above 4c all game with a few rain showers in the mix for good measure.


Glouc 3Glouc 1

This week see a trip to the Friday night lights of Sale sharks as 4th official as they take on Saracens in the Premiership Cup Comp once more as well as a drive on Monday night to Coventry to AR as they take on Canada in a friendly as they get ready for there trip to Marseille for their RWC qualifier.

Speak to you next week




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