Mike Spencer

Appointments Director &

Appointments Officer (Exchanges  & Midweek Evenings)

0121 680 3415

07816 429 038

Mike Jones

Appointments Officer (Saturdays/Adults)

01384 821891

07887 354 916

Frazer Colley

Re-Appointments Officer (Saturdays/Adults)

07824 564 645

Damian Hampton

Appointments Officer (Midweek/Schools, Colleges & Universities)

07901 673 682

Paul Scott

Appointments Officer (Sundays/Youth & Women)

07865 074 282

Roy Meller

Appointments Officer (Referee Watchers/Assessors)

01922 745654

07831 824 427

Please try and contact the appropriate Appointments Officer for your fixture.  Saturday fixtures tend to have referees appointed on the previous Sunday night except where an exchange referee is visiting from another Society in which case it is likely to be arranged earlier.  Once the referee has been appointed , changes or late appointments are usually done by the re-appointments officer.  All exchanges are done by the Exchanges Officer.

Midweek afternoons are covered by the Midweek Officer, Sunday fixtures by the Sundays Officer. Other appointments e.g. weekday evenings will be dealt with by the  Mike Spencer.