The Society is a non-profit making organisation and the revenues that it raises go to  help support the refereeing services that it provides. The Society also picks up the bill for mileage charges.

Charges are designed to be a balance between fairness to all concerned and keeping down the time and cost needed to administer payment to a minimum both for ourselves and for the clubs, schools and universities that use our services. All our “staff” are unpaid volunteers, as are many of you, so we try to keep the pressure on their time to a minimum.

Referees do NOT receive any payment from us to officiate at your games. The only money Referees receive is their travelling expenses. They are unpaid volunteers who do it for the love of the game so please treat them accordingly. Traditionally clubs provide food and drink to visiting referees free of charge as a matter of courtesy and a token of thanks.

Clubs are currently charged per game. Late cry-offs will be charged unless exceptional circumstances apply.  Full details of the charging policy can be obtained from the Treasurer.